Sultan Nur Ad Din Zangi met Prophet in a dream

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It was a peaceful night in Damascus in the year 1162 A.D. He had just gone to bed after completing his mid-night prayers. As he descended into deep snooze, a noble saint with face shining came to him and pointing towards two men with blue eyes, said, “Protect me from these two”. He just could not absorb it anymore and woke up trembling in distress. He performed ablution and offered prayers and again went to sleep. The same saint interrupted him again asking to protect against the evil of the two men. He woke up again and offered prayers and went to bed.

The dream repeated for the third time and he just jumped out of this bed asserting, “It’s too much of slumber!!” He immediately called for his noble vizier Jamal Ad Din and shared his dream with him. The vizier advised him to keep the matter undisclosed and immediately head off to Madina.

The man was Sultan Nur Ad Din Zangi, who ruled the Muslim lands bordering Crusader States in Palestine during tenth century. The noble saint who came in the dream was Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) himself. The Sultan departed for Madina with a few men and loads of luggage on speedy camels.

After sixteen days of journey the royal caravan entered Madina. The Sultan went straight to the Prophet’s Mosque and offered two raka’s of prayers. After while he gathered Medinaites and began distributing valuable gifts. Then began the royal feast for all the inhabitants under strict orders from the Sultan that no one was allowed to miss. Meanwhile the Sultan kept careful eye on all the attendees to recognize the faces of the two men whom Prophet Muhammed (Peace Be Upon Him) had pointed to. The feast passed on but all in vain. The Sultan asked curiously if anyone was left out from the feast, the crowd denied. It was after repeated insistence by the Sultan that he came to know about the two westerners staying near the mausoleum of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). They had a public reputation of being celibates purely devoted to prayers all the time. They were brought before Sultan who took no time recognizing them; they were the same blue-eyed men shown in his dream. The Sultan inquired about their identities and motives. They cunningly produces the story that they were pilgrims from the West, had come to attend annual Hajj but the strong desire to stay nearer to the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) held them in Medina.

The Sultan went into their room where all he could find were some scattered books. This situation left the Sultan in serious puzzle amid frequent requests of pardon by the Madinaites defending the two men being very pious who would regularly visit Jannat al Baqee Graveyard and would generously spend in charity during drought years.

The embarrassing situation remained until an idea struck Sultan’s mind and he quickly removed the prayer mat where there was a rock. He removed the rock and in his extreme shock and anger found a tunnel dug deep leading to Prophet Muhammad’s (Peace Be Upon Him) grave. The Sultan immediately arrested the two men and forced them to disclose the reality. The two men revealed that they were Christian spies dispatched and funded for a special mission by Christian Kings to enter prophet’s grave and take his body away. The Sultan infuriated by the plot, had those evil spies executed . Moreover under his orders, a channel dug around the Prophet’s grave and filled with molten copper to protect his grave from any further mischievous attempts forever.



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